It’s time to write a minisaga

Do you know what minisaga is? Minisaga is basically very short story which consists exactly of 50 words. That is not many words, is it? Imagine that you need to write a story and that you have to use exactly 50 words, not 49 neither 51, but exactly 50. That kind of makes it harder. I do admire people who are able to sit down and just write a story like that. When I’m writing some stuff I do a lot of thinking first and I also rewrite most of the stuff several times until I’m satisfied with the content.

Well why I’m bringing up something like minisagas right now? Some time ago when I was attending English lessons we got an assignment to write a minisaga about some movie that we’ve seen. And I happened to find what I wrote and I just thought why not to share it. So here is my minisaga:

On its way home spaceship Nostromo intercepted a distress signal. They found a ship full of eggs. Facehugger attacked and alien was born. Crew members were killed one after another. Just Ripley survived. She opened an airlock and alien was sucked out to Space. Finally she was safe. Was she?

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