It’s time to make some dreams come true

There are times when you just want to do something out of ordinary, not because you need to or should do it, but just because you want. These little things are what is important. Because if you don’t do stuff that you want to do, your life will get quite boring.

Well in my case I wanted to buy something. For a quite some time now, I was thinking about buying a katana sword. So I did it, I bought katana. At first I was thinking should I really do it? Should I spent all that money on sword? I’ve never practiced Kendo or learned how to handle sword, so should I buy a sword only to put it on display? But then it hit me, why the hell I shouldn’t. What is important is that I made one of my dreams come true. And that is what counts.

I’d attach some photos, but I’ve got only mobile phone camera so the quality would be rather questionable.

And the moral of this story. Don’t think too much, there are times when you just need to do. Making our dreams come true is important part of our live, everyone has some dreams. Some may be more difficult to achive than other, but what makes us go forward are those little things that make us happy.

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